Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Getting ready for Russia month

russia post in my blog
My boyfriend came from Russia to Israel 11 years ago by him self and all his family still lives in Russia. Next month after 6 years we are together his mother is coming for a two weeks visit. I'm happy and scared , I never met his mother and I don't know what to expect . I'm happy for him and I am glad to finally meet her but we can not talk because she don't know any word in Hebrew or English and my Russian is very very basic .
To celebrate this event I'm going to spread some Russian spirit here

1. Vintage botanical granny style floral scarf by BetaAccessories
2. red tweed by leasvintage
3.ruby reds -vintage house night coat by perpetual3
4. roza cardigan by iluchka


  1. Gorgeous items! :) Good Luck!


  2. Your life is interesting. I am interested in Russian culture and language. I have visited in Russia when I was child. I have not visited in Israel.

    Lovely photos!

    Welcome to my blog:)