Monday, November 9, 2009

Japanese knitting style

japanese books

japanese books

Many people already know about Japanese craft books, if you don't this is for you! I know about these books because my neighbor is Japanese and she has thousand of books .I was amazed by the aesthetic, the simplicity, and the beauty of the photos and the items in it. When I was in Japan I spend hours in book shops, grabbing everything I can, in Japan they have second hand book shops it called "Book Off" you can find these books in 1-5 dollars. I really bought a lot. But now I'm not in Japan , these books can be expensive outside of Japan and I really have a limit space here.I found on Picasa a group of people that share their books on line. mmm...I know it's not morally right (it's like downloading music) but you can look at it as an on line library, you can not find the books through the search engine so I'm giving you a link and you can get into other people account from the right list. You can just go on and on to many people's libraries. It never ends!
If you want you can buy these books probably on Amazon and eBay
Here is an etsy shop that sells them- Pomadour

and the links to Picasa : here , here and here

Saturday, November 7, 2009

my last treasury

This is from my last treasury ,I just had to share with you ...
from left to right :

*JOY, Ring, goldfilled, multicolor gemstones by 7artjewelry
*10 Party Poms - choose your colors by PartyPoms
*Miss Bird Brooch by MissBird

*Crisalide bag in toasted brown by ninu
*Diamonds Handwoven Scarf by DosPalomas
*Lykke Leggings by mashnewyork

*Vintage RACING STRIPE Suitcase by MariesVintage
*PDF Vivienne - diamond scarf by EmmaLamb
*circle party ring by mirthmarket

Monday, November 2, 2009

flowers from italy

floral in box
loop necklace -red ,mix red, army green mix

tin box and textile from the retro apartment we slept in Italy and more mix of scarfs that I knitted.