Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Haiti Relief Fundraiser Silent Auction

When I heard about Jen's project I was immediately thinking how can I help too.We all see on television the horrible pictures and wondering what can we do.
Jen from indie fixx is coordinating a silent auction of items that have been donated by indie crafters, artists and designers. What you can do? just get into her blog ,bid on the item you want via the comments, The highest bidder will win and all the money will go to the Red Cross International Response Fund. every day there will be new items.
Please be part of this great project, please help the Haitian people.

If you like my loop necklace scarves please wait for the action to be open and bid as highest as you can .You will receive 2 beautiful loop scarves in your color choice. It's for a good cause and 100% of your money will help others.
for more information about this project please visit Haiti Relief Fundraiser.

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